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Eyebrow Embroidery

Types of Eyebrows
(Misty, Microblading & Wildstroke)


Misty eyebrow embroidery imparts a softly powdered appearance with a darker tail transitioning seamlessly to lighter tones towards the middle and beginning of the brow. This technique involves delicate strokes, light shading combined with dots and creates a misty or powdery effect ensuring a highly natural look for your eyebrows. The end result is softer looking brows that look like they are drawn with powder.

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Microblading Embroidery provides a transformative solution for perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows. Also known as microstroking or feather touch, this technique is the secret to fuller eyebrows that look natural,hair-like strokes that resemble your natural brow hairs. It can create hair strokes that cover thinning brows, bald spots and even complete brow reconstruction. Microblading delivers brows that are more defined with hair-like strokes.

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Wildstroke Eyebrow is dedicated to blend with your natural hair flow deliberately avoiding the creation of a defined eyebrow shape. This technique aims to achieve an exceptionally raw, natural appearance, resulting in a subtle, no-makeup look.


Wildstroke uses ultra fine-lining strokes with a combination of brush techniques to seamlessly blend with your natural brow hair flow and create a wild and airy 3D effect. Crafted to mimic the texture of your own eyebrow hairs, our technique ensures an incredibly natural effect. Adding hair-like strokes to fill up gaps in between your brows, infuse volume and texture to your natural brows.


The result is Raw, Fresh, natural, original, wild, fashionable, 3D, airy, youthful- without hard defined lines and shape or powdery finish.

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Eyeliner Embroidery


Eyeliner Embroidery is a natural semi-permanent solution for your peepers. Just a thin line between the eyelashes in the right color and shape will help to enhance your lash line to its maximum potential. LA VIDA® Eyeliner Embroidery can revitalize tired eyes and bring back that lost sparkle!