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LA VIDA® has been recognized for our technique and knowledge in the semi-permanent make-up artistry in Singapore. Our brow artists are trained with the eye for golden ratio; marrying beauty and trend giving the perfect balance.



Timeless Classic Bar

Never out of style; some may call this the beginner or starter bar. But this allows you to build your liner in many ways imaginable. It never grows old.

Korean Liner

Double up; 짱! Let the Star quality in your eyes shine with the Korean style double-up liner and just maybe a Korean romance awaits...

Transparent Liner

Give that effortless look; a thin line along your lash line and in between your lashes with just that right amount can make your eyes sparkle.


Eyelash Lifting

Barbie Doll Twinkle; Using a semi-permanent solution to lift and curl your natural lashes for perky lashes every morning.

Natural Classic Eyelash

Flirty your way through; Achieve fuller, longer and fluttery lashes and enhance your natural beauty.


Lip Embroidery

The perfect blush; Pick your shade as we work our magic giving you the “ever-lusting” lips you always wanted.

Crystal Lips

Gloss for summer; A little shine never hurt anybody. Give your lips the gloss effect, a fuller dimension without the tackiness.

Lip Liner

Making it right; correcting uneven, uncompleted lip line or thin lips adding a little fullness to the shape of your lips.

Eyebrow Embroidery

Classic Eyebrow Embroidery

The little black dress; The brow embroidery staple for all to stay on point, smudge-free & hassle-free.

Deluxe Creative Brows

Stage it well; hair strokes are crafted in the natural growth direction giving you the perfect precision.

Regenerating Brows

Let it grow; Crowned The Best Brow Construction of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore SPA awards. It’s the beauty of having the

best of both worlds where you get your brows microbladed

with an added touch of magic for brow regrowth.

Misty Microstroking

Soft like velvet; Give your brows that ombré, soft and velvety look, a fuller fluff with 4 different colours for a more sophisticated finish. 

Regene Misty Brows

All in control; Start off with a strong stroke and fan out like mist at the end. A feathery softness that gives the brightness to your eye!

Ultimate Floating Brow

Show-stopper; Much finer, closer & more delicate strokes to stimulate the effect of natural, fuller eyebrows.


BB Water Shine Glow

No filter needed; pore-less, glowing and radiant is no longer digital. This treatment rejuvenates and gives instant skin brightening effect with no downtime.

RX3 Light Therapy

Experience light therapy like no other. A non-invasive and non-thermal treatment packed with anti-ageing effects for vibrant, younger-looking skin!

BMS Therapy

Bohr Matrix Skin Therapy helps revitalise and lift saggy skin! A non-invasive rejuvenating facial treatment with no downtime. Clinically proven to aid cellular metabolism and restore the skin.

24k Gold Skin Booster Treatment

Boost your skin with activated gold! Achieve firmer and more lifted skin. Step out looking radiant with a shimmery glow.

Nano Hydration Skin Booster

Instant Glass Skin; Plump up skin and boost hydration levels with this treatment! Look forward to dewy, brighter, and healthier-looking skin.

Milia Oil Seed Treatment

Bumps begone; A safe and effective non-invasive treatment recommended for those who suffer from Milia seeds and oil clog problems.


Hairline Microblading

Blend it in; Natural-looking hair strokes microbladed into the scalp to create the appearance of thicker & fuller hair.

Hair Regeneration Treatment

Restore it back; Hair regrowth serum micro-needled into the scalp to activate dormant follicles to ensure effective and long-lasting hair growth results.

Regenerating Hairline Microblading

Rebuild your crown; Microblade & create the appearance of fuller, thicker hair while restoring your hair's natural volume and fullness with the hair regrowth serum!

Eyebrow Embroidery
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