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5 Benefits of Eyeliner Embroidery

Owning a sparkling pair of eyes is every woman’s dream but many of us might not know that the distance between us and our dreams is just an eyeliner away. Eyeliners can help to beautify and make your eyes stand out by adjusting the shape of your eyes and the distance between your eyes with varying eyeliner thickness and lengths.

However, drawing eyeliners is never an easy task especially in the morning with a half awaken mind. So, why not do eyeliner embroidery?

Eyeliner Embroidery Benefits

Here are the 5 benefits that you can have from doing an eyeliner embroidery:

  1. Instantly enlarge your eyes - Eyeliner embroidery is widely popular because not only will it create a strong contrast between your eyes, it also gives an illusion of larger eyes by visually thickening your eyelashes.

  2. Improve eye shape - Cleverly applied eyeliner with varying length, arc and colour will intensify the shape and colour of your eyes, making them really stand out.

  3. 30 Minutes of additional sleep every morning - By having your eyeliner embroidered, you can easily have an additional half an hour more sleep by simplifying the makeup process.

  4. Reduce the hassle of makeup removal - How often do you only realise that you need to remove your makeup when you are ready for bed. With eyeliner embroidery, this problem will no longer exist.

  5. Bareface confidence - No longer be worried about being on a bare face when you plan to go to the gym, swimming or on spa/facial trips with your friends!

After Care

However, there is more than just beauty and glamour in eyeliner embroideries. The proper techniques and aftercare are required to ensure you are safe to enjoy the best results. At La Vida, we have arranged both theory and practical lessons for all of our beauticians to make sure they are equipped with enough knowledge and experience to be qualified to serve our customers. However, we do also need your cooperation in your aftercare.

After Care Tips:

  • Be gentle and use a cotton bud to cleanse your eyelids if needed.

  • Apply cold pressure onto the affected area if swelling is observed.

  • Avoid contact with warm or hot water for 24 hours.

  • No rubbing of eyes for 7 days

  • Do not pick or scratch the affected area. Peeling and Scabbing is a natural healing process.

  • Avoid makeup and skincare products on and around your affected areas for at least 7 days.

  • Return for a touch-up session between 1-3 months after embroidery. Our specialist will assess the results and maintain their perfection during the touch up session.

With a well-designed eyeliner, your eyes will appear to be bigger, brighter and more energetic. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment today to have your eyeliner embroidered!

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